• Quality dairy animals are in short supply. Artificial insemination service for breeding better cattle has limited coverage, barely reaching an estimated 10% of bovines.
  • Inability to feed cattle adequately throughout the year.
  • Animal health cover is getting increasingly neglected. In many states, over 70-80% of the veterinary budget is used up for staff salaries and transportation, with little left to buy medicines and other supplies.
  • Limited investment in setting up or expansion of milk procurement network. The rapid expansion in milk processing capacities has not kept pace with production and procurement.
  • Poor infrastructure for transporting, processing and distributing milk produced in rural areas to major consumer centers in urban areas.
  • The invisible partner in rural areas, women need access to training in modern cattle management to maximize returns. timely credit is also needed for purchase of feed/fodder and health care and other inputs.

In India due to pricing advantage and easy maintenance. Any revolutionary change in breeding will go a long way to make dairy farming as the most profitable enterprise in India. It is a long range policy.

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