Main problems faced by Dairying Farmers

Although there is a remarkable improvement of dairy enterprises in recent years, the dairy farmers faced some problems in developing their dairy enterprise. The major constraint hindering the development of dairy sector is:

Shortage of feed: 
          Shortage of green fodder and feed concentrate is the root cause of poor performance of dairy sector in general as the genetic milk production potential of crossbred cow could not be exploited fully in absence of proper nutrition.

Lack of Marketing Facilities:
          Due to lack of marketing facilities and extension services, there is poor perception of the farmers towards commercial dairy enterprise as an alternative to other occupation.

Insufficient Veterinary Services:
         Due to Lack of proper veterinary extension system there is poor perception to the farmers towards dairy enterprise as a viable alternative to crop husbandry.

Prevalence of Middleman:
          Unorganized fragmented market for milk and milk products involved a chain of middleman who reaps the actual benefit depriving the producers from their due share.

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