Milk Production and Marketing

India hold the largest ruminant livestock population, live animals milk and milk products sales were the major sources of income for dairy farmers. The milk traders have made more profit then milk procedures. Milk procedures face many problems such as lack of knowledge in dairy production and management system, in adequate input supply and services financial weakness and cost of feed. Market problems are critical issues raised by dairy farmer capacity development and training is a key factor to enhance to skill of farmers and pastoralists in dairy production, processing and marketing. High factorial count mainly reflect poor hygiene and long time lag between milk and sales of milk. The bulking of milk from many areas and production system cause health risk if the milk is not pasteurized or adequately boiled. Future efforts will focused on improving milk quality by informal market agent (small traders, small retail outlets) by training and extension on appropriate handling containers.

The cost of milk are influence by technical and socio-economic factors in milk production and the success in dairy business defends on managing the costs. It is important to determine these factors and use the sources properly and effectively. It was found that increasing the number of cattle at the dairy enterprise has a dropping effect in cost. The increase in feed consumption at the enterprise and producing the feed mostly out of the enterprise result in an increase in production cost. It is found that there was a decrease in milk production costs as the dairy farm size increased.


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