Top oursourcing countries

India is the leading outsourcing country. The US and European countries are the largest customer for Indian outsourcing industry (specially IT & BPO) and accounts for 60% and 30% of IT and BPO exports. India exports software to 95 counties in the world. 82% of US companies first choice for software outsourcing is only India. Indian-American ran more than 750 companies in America's silicon value. Now India is one of the world's 10 fastest growing economic.

Top 10 outsourcing companies:
  1. 1. Affiliated of Computer Services
  2. Satyam(SAY)
  3. Cognizant
  4. Perot Systems
  5. Infosys(INFY)
  6. Patni(PTI)
  7. TATA Consulting Services
  8. HCL
  9. GenPact
  10. Mellon

(Source: SourcingMag)

These are the top 10 outsourcing companies in which 5 companies belongs to India. It shows that India is the no.1 outsourcer.

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