Positive Aspects

  • Dairying is crucial in providing employment and supplementary income to the bulk of rural families in rural India. The main beneficiaries are women, who contribute over 70% of labour in cattle rearing.
  • Crop residues and by products fed to the cattle form the basis of grain saving dairying appropriate to mixed farming system.

  • The buffalo is India's milking machine, accounting for more than half of the country's milk production: It is not able for its efficiency as a converter of coarse feeds into rich milk. It is preferred by dairy processors, not only for its higher total solids (33% more than cow milk) but also for its higher fat content and its superior whitening property renders it more suitable than cow milk for manufacture of dairy products, particularly in power form.
  • Cooperatives dairying has benefited many villagers Cattle is the foundation of Indian agriculture. For the large majority of small farmers, cattle is perhaps the only tangible asset and mainstay for their socio-economic security dairy farming helps directly in increasing crop production by making available drought power, manure and cash income on day-to-day basis.

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