Suggestions to improve the growth of dairy farming in india

  1. Cooperative banks and other national banks should come forward to extend liberal credit facilities to the farmers particularly small and marginal farmers for the development of dairy enterprise.
  2. Establishing a veterinary service center to improve the efficiency of the artificial insemination scheme, veterinary services must be provided to the farmer door on all bases at a reasonable cost.
  3. The changing cropping pattern should aim to produce sufficient green and dry fodder to livestock population in the village and encourage the farmer to take up fodder cultivation on a commercial basis.   
  4. Attempts should also be made to improve the quality and increase the quality of manufactures feed in the cooperative sector so that quality feed can be supplier at reasonable prices. The dairy farmer especially weaker sections of society will be supported with subsidized credit for calf rearing and feeding the cattle during dry seasons.
  5. The organizational support for milk producers through the cooperative sector should streamlined and expanded organization for primary cooperatives for milk procurement should be extended to areas where the local market is unable to absorb the milk production steps should be taken to reorganize and develop rural market for milk.
  6. Take essential steps for reducing the effect of middleman because middleman exploited the dairy farmers so our governments have taken any measure to reduce their interference.
  7. The governments have to give support to the dairy farmers by providing subsidies, proper prices and market facilities.
  8. main problem in the unorganized dairy sector is quality, which creates a serious threat to the health of consumers. Unsanitary local conditions, unhygienic containers, substandard processing equipment, poor handling methods etc. contribute to poor quality and at times unsafe milk in the unorganized dairy sector. To bring about structural changes in this sector, measures like processing at village level, process and market pasteurized milk in a cost effective manner, quality up-gradation of traditional technology to commercial sale using modern equipment and management skills are needed.

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