Contribution to GDP

Agriculture contributes to the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product) to the extent of 25 percent of which one fourth is through livestock products. With 13 percent of world trade being global, India has immense potential to be a partner in world trade. A growth rate of 4.5 percent has been achieved by the dairy sector during the past decade as compared to the 2 percent growth recorded by the agricultural sector as a whole. In fact, an annual production of 12000 million tonnes of milk can be achieved by the year 2010, only if the growth rate is kept at a rate of not less than 5.5 percent. Efforts must be made to bring about substantial increases in productivity to the tune of 12 - 15 kg for crossbreds, 5 - 8 kg for indigenous cows and 8 - 12 kg for buffaloes. Dairy sector ranks first among the individual agriculture commodities in terms of total value of production. The value of milk and its products is 70000 crore rupees and that of dairy industry as a whole is 105000 crore rupees.

2008 - 09
2009 - 10
2010 – 11
Growth in GDP in Agriculture & Allied Sectors
Share in GDP – Agriculture & Allied Sectors
Sourece Economy Survey                                 2010 – 11 are advance estimates

 As per world bank experts, for an initial investment of Rs. 200 crore in Operation Flood II, the net return year to the rural economy had been 24000 crore rupees. No other major development program all over the world has matched this input - output ratio.


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